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Kids sharing the Good News with kids all over the world

CYLS-KIDS, LLC in Fayetteville, North Carolina  wants to help children enjoy their spiritual journey through interactive books and activities. Our products and functions are targeted toward multicultural religious communities.

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New Book 

Hello, friends! 

Thank you for visiting us! We are CYLS-KIDS, LLC, and we want to share some good news with you.

God loves us. This is unchangeable, regardless of who you are. There are many ways for us to know how He loves us. We at CYLS-KIDS in Fayetteville, North Carolina share it through our Christian children’s books and other faith-based items.

We have two popular books written by our owner, Lynn Plater formerly Lynn Calvin: “I Have Two Daddies: An Earthly Daddy and A Heavenly Daddy” and “Little People Praise God ‘Too.’” These books have been loved by both children and adults and have helped them in strengthening their faith. Pentawhadda! is the newest book added to  this collection to help children and adults strengthen their faith.  

If you are interested in our books and other products, you can purchase them from our online store. We also invite you to get to know us better by joining our upcoming activities. 

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Mission/Vision Statement


Our mission is to encourage the religious and spiritual education of children and be a resource to parents, guardians, and teachers who nurture their spiritual development.


Our vision is to share love with one child at a time locally, expanding to nationally, and further expanding internationally and globally.


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